RAID – Holding business to account. Standing up for human rights

Diversity + inclusion / Regeneration + community

Visual identity / Print / Digital / Social media/ / Motion / Advertising 

Building on our extensive work in the anti-corruption space, we teamed up with corporate watchdog RAID to expose injustice and created a visual identity that holds the powerful to account.

On a mission to fight corporate wrongdoing and stand up for human rights, RAID works at the intersection of law and activism. 

Measured, steady and focused on long term systemic change, the brand was lawyer-ly to its core – accurate, forensic – yet this failed to fully capture the tenacious, challenging spirit of the organisation. As the organisation had growing ambitions, they needed a versatile visual identity that enables them to tackle challenging issues and to expand their reach with the general public, all while maintaining a serious tone.

Over the course of a year, TEMPLO worked with executive director Anneke Van Woudenberg and the wider RAID team to develop the brief. We oversaw a total brand refresh and designed the new visual identity, resulting in a fluid visual system and introducing an eye-catching orange to their palette, punchy contemporary font and a logo which captures the ethos of their approach as the beam of a flashlight now projects from the rounded edges of ‘R’ in Raid, demonstrating their role in exposing injustice. 

The expanded colour palette allows RAID to add forensic lines for further emphasis and present their evidence and findings in an engaging way. Additionally, as every piece of communication from Raid is grounded in evidence – either testimony from people with direct experience, or findings from their expert team of researchers – written content is crucial to how Raid shares their work. The updated typeface is contemporary, bold and has a number of weights to choose from, introducing an element of expression to the wider identity. Photography and films also now take a more prominent position on their website and in campaigning material, showing first hand the impact Raid’s work is having on the world.

With a focus on driving long term systematic change, many years of legal advocacy work underpin everything RAID does. They also send people on the ground to investigate conditions by speaking with workers on the inside and the local communities who are impacted by corruption. The result of their campaigns include legal cases to bring companies, investors and governments to account. And now, with a brand identity that meets their ambitions, RAID is continuing to make a serious impact on the world, especially around climate change.

A new visual identity holding the powerful to account.