6 July 2024

Upstart Festival: Careers in Design

This year, Pali will be speaking at Upstart Festival on career pathways, and growing your network and skills.

Join us for a day of talks, workshops, displays and networking to explore current innovations and future thinking in Design.

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11 May 2023

Ladies Wine and Design

Sidestepping Careers
Anoushka will be speaking at the next event on side stepping in the creative industry.

Come and hear from a panel of ladies who have gone beyond their design career and side stepped into strategy, creative recruitment, partnerships and client services. You’ll be hearing about their career progression, followed by questions from the audience.

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21 February 2023

British Council: Venice Biennale 2023 teaser

Delighted to unveil plans for the British Pavilion at La Biennale 2023 ‘Dancing Before the Moon’ aims to inspire debate to challenge and influence the future of British architecture. 

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10 October 2022

Bundeskunstalle: Global Nerve systems talk

How catastrophes are connected worldwide" is the start of the new #StudioBonn series. Which senses do we have to sharpen & which new worldviews do we need to face coming catastrophes? Featuring Zita Sebesvari, Pali Palavathanan and Grace Ndiritu

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2 October 2022


Join us for the event 'How catastrophes are connected worldwide' Bundeskunsthall / STUDIO BONN series 'Global nerve system' starts with a talk featuring UNU senior expert Zita Sebesvari, TEMPLO's Creative Director Pali Palavathanan & artist Grace Ndiritu.

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11 July 2022

PageMag: Starke neue Identity; Rebranding der Black Music Organisation UD

Jede Menge Power und eine Identity in der sich die PoC der Londoner Musikorganisation UD wiederfinden:  Die Agentur Templo setzt in Re-Naming und Re-Branding auf Klangwellen – und darauf, Brücken zu schlagen.

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10 June 2022

First Round / London 2022

After two years of postponements, we’re excited to announce co-founder Pali Palavathanan will be presenting our the C,imate Change Committee rebrand at First Round Conference this Friday at The Royal Institution.

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7 October 2022

Wallpaper: Talent House opens in east London to nurture diverse talent in the arts

Sugar House Island is a work in progress, the construction workers are not expected to leave until 2024, but a sense of the future atmosphere is already starting to emerge. A short distance from Stratford and the Olympic Park, a series of staid mid-rise structures will sit alongside a number of the area’s old warehouses and factories. It is in one of these older buildings, formerly owned by an ink manufacturing outfit, that The Talent House will be established. The Talent House offers a base to two organisations: UD Music – which was established in 2000 to create a platform for the next generation of artists, entrepreneurs and creatives in Black music; and East London Dance – which champions dancers and producers emerging within the contemporary and street dance genres. 

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5 July 2022

Its Nice That: UD rebrand

Inspired by grime and films like Moonlight, TEMPLO rebrands UD to reflect Black music culture today.

As UD relaunches with a state-of-the-art music hub unveiled by Sadiq Khan, TEMPLO brings the brand forward, implementing a new name and bridging logo.

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21 May 2022

Brand New (Reviewed) – Catch the Next Wave

Established in 2020, originally as Urban Development, UD, as it has been renamed, is a music organization and registered charity in London, UK, bringing communities together around Black music and Black music culture, acting as a bridge between burgeoning talent and the music industry. To coincide with the opening of their new building the Talent House, a new £4.1 million state-of-the-art creative hub (a shared space with East London Dance), UD has introduced a new identity designed by London-based TEMPLO.

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27 April 2022

D&AD: Pali Palavathanan joins D&AD President Rebecca Wright

In this conversation with D&AD President Rebecca Wright, as part of the Still Learning Live series, Palavathanan discusses the influence his upbringing as a child refugee has had on his work, as well as his practice as a graphic designer, on which he says that “motion” is key – “I don’t have ideas at a desk”.

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21 March 2022

PAGE Magazine: Studio feature

This months PAGE magazine features a 7 page interview with the studio where go into the behind the scenes process of our United Nations University #InteconnectRisks identity project

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3 November 2021

Its Nice That: United Nations University

TEMPLO teams up with the United Nations to give its latest climate research a cohesive visual identity

Whilst at first difficult to parse the complex research, TEMPLO came to understand “that over the last year there had been ten key events around the world that were intrinsically interlinked via four main topologies; root causes, underlying drivers, impacts and emerging risks.”

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25 October 2021

If You Could Jobs: Anoushka Rodda

How the creative industry can support working mothers by TEMPLO's Anoushka Rodda

Every month we'll be inviting creative professionals to share their thoughts on a topic they care about from the world of work. This month, studio TEMPLO's managing director Anoushka Rodda dives into the vital discussion of how the creative industry can support and enable working mothers to thrive in the work place.

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21 November 2021

The Guardian: It’s time the UK recognised assisted dying as a human right

Readers react to Charlotte Naughton’s moving account of her aunt’s final journey to a Swiss clinic.

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26 May 2021

Its Nice That: Why is the business side of design always hidden?

Anoushka Rodda, co-founder and managing director of design studio TEMPLO, questions why creatives are still stars of the show and how that is perpetuating an unfair view of the industry to its next generation.

A few weeks ago TEMPLO was contacted about our rebrand for the Climate Change Committee by an organisation wanting to feature the project online. All good. We submitted the images and cited the people involved. Including me who ran the project from start to finish. But my credit was dropped on publishing.

What is going on?

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24 May 2021

Design Week: TEMPLO’s illustrative identity for Crowdfund London resists “stuffy” clichés

TEMPLO has created new visuals for Crowdfund London, an organisation that matches grant funding for civic projects in the capital.

The London design studio has created an illustrative identity for the organisation and its research, which includes printed material and a campaign film.

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21 May 2021

It's Nice That: TEMPLO releases a playful identity for Mayor of London’s Crowdfund London

Launching today is a new identity for Mayor of London’s Crowdfunded London, a programme that empowers communities through civic crowdfunding, supporting a whole host of projects such as community spaces, art pieces and gardens. Released in collaboration with branding and digital agency Templo, the identity comprises a film, a collection of social media assets and a report – the latter formed via impact research conducted by innovation foundation, Nesta. In its research, Nesta sought to look at the achievements of the programme, evaluating the impact that Crowdfund London has held over the last five years, thus demonstrating how to empower people and local neighbourhoods in the future.

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