Free Syria’s Disappeared - For freedom and accountability 

Human rights + accountability / Diversity + inclusion

Visual identity / Digital / Social media / Motion

We were chosen by the Center for Justice & Accountability (CJA) for our ‘expertise in the human rights and advocacy space’. CJA had recently  brought together leading Syrian activists and charities such as Action for Sama and Wafa Mustafa, Families for Freedom, Caesar Families Association and Ta'afi to form a new coalition called ‘Free Syria’s Disappeared. Our personal connection with Syria meant that we deeply and instinctively understood the need to turn the word’s gaze back towards Syria and the atrocities carried out by Assad’s regime.

Like many of our human rights clients, the coalition was seeking freedom and accountability for Syria’s detainees, was raising awareness and ultimately holding the Syrian government to account for their human rights violations.

We created a bilingual Arabic and English brand that spoke to survivors, the families of survivors, advocacy groups, activist groups, regular Syrians as well as lawyers, governments, the United Nations and policymakers. The brand is hopeful, poetic and emotive while also being politically neutral. It is intentionally handmade; for Syria by Syrians, with the symbol including the word ‘Syria. The brand and website is a space for’ honoring and commemorating the victims of Assad’s regime.

Free Syria’s Disappeared launched its first case against the Syrian government in April 2023. 

Commemorating the disappeared by preserving their names and faces in the memory of history.