Atelier100 Drop02 campaign  –  Celebrating London as an eclectic melting pot  

Diversity + inclusion

Visual identity / OOH / Campaign / Social media / Motion

Building on the success of our Open Call campaign, which gave the mic to emerging London-based creatives and makers, we continued our partnership with Atelier100 with a two wave awareness and sales campaign for their Drop02 product range.

We chose to collaborate with Atelier100, a startup between Ingka and H&M, because they fly the flag for emerging makers and creatives. The incubator provides opportunities for those not normally able to break into the retail industry, by bridging the gap between great ideas and products on shelf in stores. They do this through a programme of mentorship, field trip, funding and hands on support.

We began our creative process with a kick off workshop, immersion and delving into consumer research and insights. Tapping into the target audience's desire to shop local and buy unique, we arrived at the strategic idea for the campaign 'London's eclectic melting pot'. This idea was brought to life through campaign identity that centres around a creative tapestry and the headline 'London Made Local.'

We created a joined up, dynamic and flexible campaign identity that was able to span two Waves, each of which had a different focus and KPI. With Wave 1 we raised the profile of Drop02, the creative cohort and the Atelier100 brand as whole by leveraging the provenance of each of the products in Drop02 with activation techniques such as making of footage, campaign films and interviews.

The London Made Local campaign exceeded all KPIs set across both waves and culminated in 

two showrooms; the first in East London to coincide with LDF and Winter Holiday Shop in Covent Garden, which was open from end of November 2023 to early January 2024.

Setting the precedent for conscious capitalism in the retail industry; local, small batch production that holds space for emerging talent.